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Message from the Chef

Welcome to our website. My name is Kazuyuki Zento, chef at La Maison Courtine.

I have been fascinated with food since my early childhood, and began to imagine what it would be like to be a chef at around the age of five.

On the deck of a boat, I would cut small fry with my fingers and wash them in the sea before tossing them into my mouth. Although it was not obvious to me at the time, those childhood moments would serve to build within me an interest in the connections between nature, food, and life.

When we learn about life and death from nature, we learn that a life is not something that is born only to fade away; rather, a life is something that is born to have its legacy carried on by the lives that come after. This concept is near and dear to my heart.

As a chef, my aim is to enrich and invigorate your life with all of the living things we call our ingredients, offered in the most uncompromisingly excellent forms.

Here at La Maison Courtine, we strive to make this a restaurant where our guests can truly feel that they are experiencing and carrying on the legacy of life.


La Maison Courtine is named for an artist who was active in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Both the name and the logo of the restaurant evoke the image of a house (in French, "maison"), symbolizing a restaurant that over-flows with human warmth and kindness.

Guided by the principle that cuisine should be simple, the food here reflects a respect for the ways in which ingredients pair natu-rally with one another.

In 1986, Yves Charles opened a restaurant called La Maison Courtine in Houilles, a small town in the northwestern suburbs of Paris. From its earliest days, that restaurant was watched over by a 1901 painting entitled Three Chefs, by the great artist Courtine. Now, that painting has crossed the ocean to preside over a new era here in Tokyo.



September 1986
Yves Charles opens La Maison Courtine in the Paris suburb of Houilles
March 2002
La Maison Courtine earns a Michelin star
January 2007
Kazuyuki Zento becomes Chef at La Maison Courtine
November 2008
Zento joins the two star Paris restaurant of Alain Senderens as poissonnier
November 2009
Les Papilles Insolites opens in the city of Pau at the foot of the Pyrenees in the south of France, with Zento as chef
December 2010
Zento returns to Japan to serve as Chef at I Vigneri in Roppongi
September 2011
La Maison Courtine opens in Asagaya!



Aged Beef

Aging is a culinary technique that makes use of beef's natural self-purification process, in which enzymes within the meat break down proteins and increase the concentration of amino acids.
For our long-aged beef at La Maison Courtine, we use Omi beef, which is a type of wagyu beef raised with careful consideration given to each head of cattle's individuality, disposition, and physical condition, by farmers in Omihachiman, Shiga Prefecture. The meat, still on the bone, is hung in a refrigerated room, where the temperature and humidity are controlled. While keeping the way the air comes into contact with the meat and the effects of humidity under constant control, the location of the meat and the angle at which it hangs are changed over the course of the process. In the end, it is aged for 100 days.



At La Maison Courtine, we use fresh seasonal produce from France as well as organic vegetables from around Japan, including 100 percent pesticide-free Western vegetables from the Yano farm in Saijo, Ehime Prefecture and the Goto farm in Gunma Prefecture.
The vegetables served at La Maison Courtine have so much natural, untamed flavor and such a clean, vibrant finish that you might think you picked them in the wild yourself.



Our fish come from Tosa Bay in Kochi and Owase in Mie. The seafood dishes here feature fish that have been processed humanely in a way that ensures the utmost freshness.

We strive to serve dishes that are replete with the power of their ingredients, in the hope that the spark of life that each of those ingredients possesses-the energy and vitality of the earth and sea-will become part of your own.


Lunch Course

[Weekday Prix Fixe Course]

¥3,400per person (tax & service charged inclusive)

Two Hors d'Oeuvres + Main + Dessert + Bread + Coffee

¥4,800per person (tax & service charged inclusive)

Two Hors d'Oeuvres + Two Main Dishes + Dessert + Bread + Coffee

[Weekends and Holidays]

Passage A: ¥3,400 per person (tax inclusive)
Two hors d'Oeuvres + Main Dish of Your Choice + Dessert + Bread + Coffee

Passage B: ¥5,500 per person (tax inclusive)
Pâté en Croûte, Millefeuille de Foie Gras + Main + Dessert + Bread + Coffee


  • お肉4
  • お肉とアスパラ
  • デザート


These full-course meals have been developed around La Maison Courtine's specialty dishes.

Dinner Courses

These full-course meals have been developed around La Maison Courtine's specialty dishes.

  • 海老
  • フォアグラ
  • お魚
  • ロブスター

14,000 yen (tax & service charged inclusive) Reservation required

Wine pairings   6 wines   7,000yen

A small double consomme with an amber hue

Pate en croute (meat pie with venison, boar, foie gras, dove)
2015 Crozes-Hermitage Rouge "La Guiraude" (100% Syrah) / Alain Graillot

Foie gras and plum mille-feuille  Perigueux sauce Cacao flavor/Cubebe black pepper: Indonesia (Madura Island)
2002 Sauternes Chateau Suduiraut

From Otsuki on Tosa Bay: Humanely processed Pacific bluefin tuna, squid ink galette, and domestic caviar with glace de poisson (reduced soup stock) / Kampot white pepper (Indonesia)
1998 Meursault (Chardonnay) / Romuald Valot

Spiny lobster, white asparagus, lily bulb, trompette de la mort / Penja, Sarawak white pepper (Cameroon)
2012 Saint-Aubin 1er "Murgers des Dents de Chien" (Chardonnay)/Girardin

Long-aged wagyu beef: Kinoshita Omi beef sirloin with sauce Roquefort, Bordeaux-style / Kurata black pepper (Cambodia)
2012 Faugeres Valiniere (Pinot Noir)/Leon Barral

Seasonal sorbet

Moelleux au Chocolat with mint and Gin Ice Cream
Porto Messias 10 Years / Caves Messias

French Made Unsalted Pamplie Butter (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) with Home Style Bread Made to be Enjoyed with the Butter

Trio of Small French Confections

Espresso, Coffee, Black Tea, or Fresh Herbal Tea

  • お肉とポテト
  • ローストビーフ
  • 熟成肉

18,000 yen (tax & service charged inclusive) For parties of two and up Reservation required

Wine pairings   6 wines   8,000yen

Mandarin liqueur from Takashima, Shiga Prefecture: Wa no Ka no Shizuku

A small double consomme with an amber hue

Short-aged (40 days) Omi beef round tip tartare mimosa / Penja, Sarawak white pepper (Cameroon)
2017 Fleurie Cuvee Printemps (Gamay 100%) / Yvon Metras

Seared long-aged (110 days) Omi beef sirloin / Tellicherry black pepper: Southern Indian port city
2011 Margaux du Chateau Margaux / (Merlot 50%, Cabernet Sauvignon 40%, Petit Verdot 10%)

Long-aged Omi beef boudin noir (blood sausage) / Long pepper: Ishigaki Island
2012 Cotes du Roussillon-Villages Vieilles Vignes Rouge (Carignan 35%) / Gauby

Fresh prawn and ris de veau (veal sweetbread)
Aged Omi beef consomme with truffle foam / Muntok white pepper (Indonesia)
2016 Savennieres Les Vieux Clos / Nicolas Joly

Taste and compare:
Short-aged (40 days) Omi beef round tip and long-aged (110 days) Omi beef sirloin
Black truffle / Kurata black pepper (Cambodia)
2014 Savigny-les-Beaune Rouge "Les Peuillets" (Pinot noir)/Croix

2017 Vouvray Le Haut Lieu Demi Sec (Chenin Blanc 100%) / Domaine Huet

Sorbet with two seasonal fruits
2002 Sauternes Chateau Suduiraut

Unsalted Pamplie butter (made in France, AOC), with homemade bread tailored to be enjoyed with this butter

Trio of small French confections

Espresso, coffee, black tea, or fresh herbal tea

Monthly Course

Seasonal flower course. Dishes change monthly. (The meal listed here is an example.)

*Chef Zento of La Maison Courtine weaves together a full-course meal inspired by the atmosphere and seasonal sensibilities of the month.
This course incorporates strikingly original new dishes, and unmistakably reflects the spirit of our restaurant, allowing guests to savor La Maison Courtine as it exists only at that very moment in time.


Satsuki no hana: Menu Azalee japonaise
10,800 yen (tax & service charged inclusive) Until June 3rd

Wine pairings   6 wines   7,000yen   Tea pairings   6 teas   3,000yen

A small double consomme with an amber hue

Clams dipped in fond de veau (reduced veal stock) with ris de veau (veal sweetbread)
and udo (Japanese mountain asparagus) a la creme / Muntok white pepper (Indonesia)
2015 Sancerre Blanc Cuvée Zeste (Sauvignon blanc)/Domaine du Pre du Pre Semelee

Tokachi, Hokkaido lily bulb soup with lily bulb ice cream / Penja, Sarawak white pepper (Cameroon)
Penja, Sarawak white pepper (Cameroon)
2012 Meursault(Chardonnay) / Michel Caillot

Crepe with spring vegetables, freshwater prawn, scallop, and firefly squid / Sarawak white pepper (Malaysia)
2015 Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie Comte de Saint-Hubert (Muscadet)/Chateau du Coing

Steam-fried bigfin reef squid and lemon balm risotto with bigfin reef squid ink foam / Kampot white pepper (Indonesia)
2017 Sancerre Rose (Pinot noir)/Comtes Lafon

Veal medallions and fromage blanc gratin with asparagus / Kampot fully ripened red pepper: Indonesia
1997 Chateau Beau-Sejour Becot (Merlot 70%, cabernet franc 24%, cabernet sauvignon 6%)

Caramelized pineapple with cilantro

Fully ripened papaya from Miyazaki Prefecture with apricot seed ice cream and lychee and Suze bitters jelly
Zibibbo (Zibibbo 100%)/Nicosia

Unsalted Pamplie butter (made in France, AOC), with homemade bread tailored to be enjoyed with this butter

Trio of small French confections

Post-meal breather



Wine pairings   6 wines   7,000yen

Wine list



The interior, with the precious painting by the artist Courtine adorning the wall, is a chic space much like the original La Maison Courtine in France. We invite you to enjoy creative French cuisine in this stylish space.





Restaurant Information

La Maison Courtine
Telephone: 03-6276-9938
3-37-10 Asagaya-Minami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 166-0004
【Monday and Wednesday】
【Thursday,Friday and Saturday】
All Tuesday,and first and second Wednesday and All Sunday dinner time of every monnth